Komparu is an Amsterdam based software company focused on developing high-end comparison modules for Telco, Finance and Energy products.

Our mission is to enable people to make the right product choice anytime on any site via fully customized intuitive embedded software.

Website owners can now serve their visitors with fully integrated customized widgets and comparison tools, which will increase the user-experience, user-loyalty and revenues.

Partners can integrate the software on their website with a simple javascript code snippet or by using an plugin for their CMS, like for instance WordPress.

Got a good business idea? We are open to suggestion for comparing new products in any language or country.


      • Finance – Insurances¬†for Car, Health, Travel, Legal, Content, Building, Liability, Pet etc
      • Telco – SimOnly, Mobile and Internet
      • Other – such as Energy and Parking
      • Countries – Netherlands, Belgium, Germany (more to come)
      • New – we are open to compare new products and expand to new countries.


      • Responsive – so your content will always adjust to any screen size
      • Templates – pick your favorite template and start customizing
      • Lay-out – choose your own filters, color, font, size, corners, text or CSS.
      • Options – such as pagination, side-by-side comparison and filter position
      • Service – dedicated account management with deep knowledge/experience


      • A/B testing – to choose and use your most profitable template, button, color, text etc
      • Stats – real-time in depth statistics to increase your earnings per visitor (ePV)
      • Widgets – customizable widgets to attract more relevant traffic
      • Optimization – based on our broad network we constantly optimize our tools and conversions
      • Custom Made – please feel free to contact us for more specific needs


Through the Komparu dashboard you can select and customize your widget or comparison module. Partners can choose between various templates, colors, fonts, labels, filters and many more. The dashboard also provides real time statistics, with detailed information of your visitors clicks and on site actions. You can export your data, grouped by website, network, visitors, clicks or advertiser. With integrated A/B testing you can maximize your performance by setting up test campaigns, without any external tools.

We have built a plug-and play solution to have your content live in 1 day. For more information and/or a demo – feel free to contact us.

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